Pigs in blanket


My favourite trick is making dogs’ tails waggle; I’m just that succulent and tasty. Not only am I really scrummy I’m made with 100% natural meat which means that your dog is sure to love me – as they can enjoy their favourite Christmas themed treats all year round!

More Information

I’m the perfect complementary snack to add to your dogs’ well-balanced diet to reward them when they’ve been well behaved. My shape also means that I’m the perfect treat for small dogs, but I also make a fantastic reward whilst training larger dogs.

Dog’s absolutely love me as an indulgent treat all year round and I’m roasted in my own juices, which makes me irresistibly tasty for your four-legged friends. Not only this, I contain absolutely no wheat, which is fantastic for your doggy’s digestion and helps to avoid tummy aches.