Bulk Frozen Raw Dog Food Mince

We are passionate about providing dogs with a raw diet rich in natural and nutritious goodness, and our minces are a great way to do this.

Our special bundle packs provide an array of health benefits for your dog. We focus on giving our furry customers only the highest quality cuts of lean meat, which you can tailor to your pet’s bundle selection from Beef, Turkey, Chicken, Fish, Duck and more. This gives your dog consistency in the flavours they enjoy the most, whilst giving some much-appreciated meal variety.

The bulk packs of mince are carefully prepared and then conveniently pre-portioned and packaged before being frozen to ensure prolonged freshness. It couldn’t be easier to serve the meals to your dog, simply allow a few hours for the food to fully defrost, and it will be ready for them to enjoy!

Best of all, our frozen minces are all free from the bad stuff. There are no artificial colours, fillers, preservatives, additives, grains, or cereals, which are found in a lot of commercial dog food.


12 Packs of Mince

£15.00 or subscribe and save 10%


24 Packs of Mince

£28.00 or subscribe and save 10%


48 Packs of Mince

£54.00 or subscribe and save 10%

Save 5% on our premium bulk raw mince bundles

Every one of our prepared raw mince meals contains 75%-85% of premium meat, and 10-15% ground bone, making them an excellent choice for most dogs, but especially if you are looking to introduce a raw diet whilst your dog is young.

As our mince doesn’t provide a full and balanced meal like our 80 10 10 completes, it’s a good idea to mix with vegetables, fruits and other supplements so your dog can get the maximum benefits from a raw diet.

Subscribe today for regularly scheduled deliveries and save 5% of the total cost. We will ensure you never run out of your dog’s favourite raw meals!


  • What percentage of meat is in your raw dog food mince?

    Our special mince packs contain 75-85% meat content.

  • What is the best way to start my dog on a raw diet?

    We are commonly asked about the best way to introduce your dog to a raw diet. Read our expert advice here.

  • Can puppies eat raw dog food mince?

    Yes! Our mince is the perfect choice for puppies as it is a great way to first introduce them to a raw diet. It has a high meat content and ground bone to aid easy digestion.

  • Should I feed my dog raw mince or complete meals?

    Minces contain 75-85% meat and 10-15% ground bone, making them suitable for puppies and large dogs. Completes feature 80% meat, 10% bone, and 10% offal, offering a well-rounded meal.

  • How much raw mince should I feed my dog each day?

    We have created a useful online raw food calculator to help with daily feeding amounts for your dog. Our team are also always happy to guidance on feeding quantity and recommendations.

  • Where do you deliver to?

    We are pleased to offer speedy, nationwide delivery for our customers’ convenience.